5 Best Tourist Attractions in London

In London

London became one of the most popular city in the world. With also the largest city and the center of the United Kingdom, London is certainly a lot of saving history and tourist attractions which are worth to visit. London is indeed filled with stately buildings that even high-value already existed long ago. In this city you will find the high buildings dating from Roman times from the Grand Palace to museum-museum with artefacts that are beautiful and Green Park to world class store. Everything there is in the city of London.

London is also the site of several universities in the world streets connected very well from buses, taxis, trains so that travel in the city of London became very easy. Standing on the banks of the river Themes in which has stood since 43 AD. A very modern town still preserve the system of Government and their original culture.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace (Buckingham Palace) is a sign home of the United Kingdom Royal family. The Palace is surrounded by a beautiful garden and charming sculptures.

A traditional ceremony has existed since the year 1800 took place in the courtyard of the Palace can be seen from the outside. The display of colorful uniform with guards, a military band and a procession. This ceremony only lasted for 45 minutes and usually take place every day at 11:30 from April to July.

You can also enter and look around the room at Buckingham Palace for a visit from 23 July-31 Aug 2016 every day from 09:15-19.45 hours and from 1 September-2 October 2016 per hour 09:15-18:45. Visits can only last for 2 hours 30 minutes and costs 37 pounds for adults and 33 pounds for children.

Big Ben London

Originally named Elizabeth Tower or more commonly known by the name Big Ben is the clock tower which also became one of the landmarks of the city of London’s most popular and widely visited by tourists. The tower is located at the north end of the Palace of Westminster, London and has been aged about 150 years. Big Ben is the name of the giant Bell inside it with a weight of 13 tons.

London Tower Bridge

London’s Tower Bridge, a bridge crossing over the River Thames is one of the most popular icons of the city of London. With the unique design, the bridge was divided into 2 equal parts big so that both sides can be raised when a ship with masts tall will pass underneath.

Lord’s Stadium

For lovers of cricket, London offers your visit to Lord’s Stadium. Building from the 18th century can accommodate 28,000 spectators. Lord also has a well-stocked library that happens to be the world’s largest Cricket Library. Other places that you can visit here is Lord; s Stadium which is the world’s oldest Sporting Museum with a large collection of rare and for memories of cricket and other artifacts. Exhibition also existed in this place. The Museum is open for tourists every day, with the price of admission by 20 pounds for adults and about 12 pounds for children. This the best tourism place in London.

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