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If you’ve ever wanted to feel like a real-life robin hood, then you’ve come to the right place. 6Pack Indoor Beach offers Archery Tag, a fun, active and, exhilarating experience using certified bows and ‘safe’ arrows. Think dodgeball and paintball mixed together with an ancient combat feel. If you are hesitant to give Archery Tag a try, here is our top five reasons why Archery Tag is a hit!

1. It is painless and fun for all ages and skill levels:

It doesn’t matter if you’ve watched Star Wars episode IV, I or VII as your childhood motion blockbuster. Anyone can experience Archery Tag, its painless (doesn’t leave welts) and fun for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels of archery. Play the style you want to play! Feeling like Legolas? Go for it! Or wanting to be more conservative like a well-trained sniper? There is a strategy for any scenario, but above all it is tons of fun!

2. Good skill to have if there is ever a zombie apocalypse:

Imagine yourself as the only few survivors left on earth? What is a good skill to pick up? Of course, Archery is one of the oldest hunting and combat techniques out there. Learn what it takes to survive the upcoming apocalypse! Battle it out with your friends and don’t fear the walking dead!

3. Great for large groups and corporate events:

Have a dispute at work? Solve it with a game of Archery Tag! A perfect way to get out of the office and work together as a team to win it all! Hosting large groups is our specialty; we can host up to 30 players at one time or have groups rotate in and create a customized tournament to fit your schedule. Contact 6Pack Indoor Beach for your next team-building, birthday, bachelor, bachelorette or group activity.

4. Relive your favourite movies and shows:

“They may take our lives, but they’ll never take our freedom!” – Braveheart. Relive the epic battle scenes of your favourite movies and TV shows. Are you the ultimate Arrow fan? Lord of the Rings? Hunger Games? There is no better feeling than mimicking your favourite character. Spark that imagination and channel your inner hero!

5. Guaranteed workout at a reasonable price:

If you are not sweating by the end of it, you must be the world’s fittest person alive. Archery Tag is a dynamic exercise where you will duck, run, slip, slide and dodge incoming arrows. On top of that, our sand playing field will add an unforgettable experience that shouldn’t be kept a secret! No need to pay for extra ammo, our admission includes the price of equipment and knowledgeable staff to referee each game. Share your experience on social media and tag @6PackBeach #ArcheryTag. Spread the word to your friends and family! You will be so exhilarated that you won’t even know how tired you are until the next morning!

Feeling thirsty? Don’t worry we got you covered with a full service Tiki Beachside Café. Enjoy a wide range of food and drinks to keep you fueled the whole way.


6 Pack Indoor Beach Bash

We are celebrating our 5 Year Anniversary on July 2nd by throwing a party for all our 6 Pack Fans and Kidsworld Members.  The event is FREE to attend and we will have something for all ages.

List of Activities:
  • Court 1 – Archery Shooting Range at 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm (all ages)
  • Court 1 – Archery Tag Games at 11:30am, 12:30pm, 1:30pm and 2:30pm.  (must be 11+ to play)
  • Court 2 – Dodgeball – 11am-3pm
  • Court 3 – Parachute & Tug O War
  • Court 4 – Bucaneer bouncy castle by Par-T-Perfect
  • Court 5 – Sand Castle Building 11am-3pm
  • Balloon Twisting and Face Painting

Tiki Cafe will be open for coffee, snacks and a lunch special.  $5 for a hot dog a bag of chips and a bottle of water.

6 Pack Indoor Beach Theme Parties

Summer’s favorite activities are now year round in our 18,000 sf heated facility.  With over 2000 birthday parties served since November 2011 we are the best place to host a birthday party in Vancouver with great reviews.  Our birthday parties are unique and fun, not only for the kids but the adults too.Think of it as a day at the beach…without the sunburn!

Have you hosted here before? Book your next kids birthday, sports team wrap up, bar mitizvah, quinceañera, sweet 16 party, luau  or celebration at the beach.  Lots of activities to choose from: beach volleyball, dodgeball, soccer, rugby, handball, ping pong, frisbee, sand castle building, parachute, tug o war, or even have a treasure hunt and a variety of games.

Beach Picnic Party

  • 2 Hour Package for 18 years old and younger
  • 1hr 30mins on one beach court for fun and games (2600sf sand area)
  • We provide sand toys, nets, balls, and sports equipment
  • Reserved party area with 2 picnic tables for the duration of the party (2 hours total)
  • You may bring food, drinks and decorations
  • Includes 12 kids (6 additional kids max) per package
  • Maximum 26 total guests (kids and adults, infants not included) per package
  • Bring your own picnic to the beach: food, drinks cups, plates, utensils, tablecloths

Monday – Friday $188
Saturday & Sunday $218

Beach Pizza Party

  • 2 Hour Package for 18 years old and younger
  • 1hr 30mins on one beach court for fun and games (2600sf sand area)
  • We provide sand toys, nets, balls, and sports equipment
  • Reserved party area with 2 picnic tables for the duration of the party (2 hours total)
  • You may bring additional food, drinks and decorations
  • Includes 12 kids (6 additional kids max) per package
  • Maximum 26 total guests (kids and adults, infants not included) per package

Includes 2 – 12 inch pizzas and a 2L pop
Includes cups, plates, napkins, and 2 tablecloths

Monday – Friday $228
Saturday & Sunday $258


  • $45 – Counselor for coordinated activities (1.5 hours)*
  • $10 – Additional child/guest. Infants (18 months and under) are free
  • $4   – 2L pop
  • $15 – 12”  pizza: cheese, pepperoni, Hawaiian
  • $5 – Hot dog, bottled water and a small bag of chips
  • $16 – Double order of chicken wings (16 pc) with veggie sticks:  buffalo, salt and pepper, Mediterranean, lemon herb
  • $18 – Double order of chicken tenders (10 pc) with veggie sticks
  • $40 – Additional half hour
  • $15 – Picnic settings (plates, forks, cups, napkins, and tablecloths) per package
  • $28 – Bouquet of 12 Latex Balloons: Helium filled & HiFloat coated (need one day notice)
  • $4   – 2 Tablecloths
  • $10 – To bring own piñata and clean up (mandatory fee with all pinatas)

Add another package and get $40 off the 2nd package.  Double the space, double the fun.


Sleepover Beach Party

Come experience a fun beach sleepover party that’s in safe and warm environment with full amenities. Perfect for overnight parties, or after-grad events! Beach sleepover parties are most popular on weekends. We can close the whole facility down at night for your group. Parties can check-in earlier. All ages, young and adults, are welcome. You can play midnight capture the flag, tug o war, beach volleyball, dodgeball and lots of other beach games to choose from!


  • At least 20 guests (if over 100 guests please contact lisa@6packbeach.com for pricing)
  • Minimum 1 parent for every 8 kids (dependent on age)
  • Guests will have to leave by 9am the next day
  • Bring your own socks, a sleeping bag, pillow, towel and clean/new camping tent
20-29 Guests $60.00 / per guest
30-39 Guests $55.00 / per guest
40-49 Guests $50.00 / per guest
50+ Guests $45.00 / per guest


  • Night snack – 2 slices of pizza per guest and 7 bottles of juice or pop total
  • Breakfast – coffee or tea, orange juice and pastries
  • Private use of our entire beach facility
  • 1 staff with CPR / First Aid Certification to stay the night

Options and extras:

  • Extra camping tent $40/per 6 guests
  • An additional  large pizza $15
  • Extra Jug of juice or pop $4

Clean-up Fees:

  • $30 per court
  • $150 full facility

Kids Beach For Lil’ Diggers (ages 1-10)

For ages 10 and under

It sure rains a lot in Vancouver.  Parents bring your lil’ ones to a warm and dry Indoor Beach.  While the lil’ one runs free and digs up the largest indoor sandbox in the city, minus the cold, rain, and UV, you can relax and chat with other parents.


$7.00/ child /session 11 sessions pass for $60

*Kids over 10 years will be charged at the regular youth drop in rate: $10


Monday – Friday Daytime (schedule changes weekly)

*Due to availability please give us a call in advanced to see if there is open space, Lil Diggers’ IS NOT AVAILABLE ON SATURDAY OR SUNDAY


An adult must supervise the child at all times. Child must be potty trained, wear pull-ups or wear diapers. If a “potty” accident occurs, a supervisor must be notified immediately to clean the area. Please dispose of diapers in the trash cans provided.

NO shoes, food, or drinks are allowed on the sand. Parent/Guardian must sign waiver form.


6Pack Indoor Beach: Kids Dig in the Sand

Let’s be honest, finding a massive amount of sand inside a warehouse is rather odd. But I have to hand it to the folks at 6Pack Beach…they’ve figured out that kids love to dig in the sand and have set up a venue that lets the little ones dig year round.

Apart from the entrance and a small cafe, the entire warehouse is walk-to-wall sand…almost the entire 18,000 sqft! Distinct zones have been set up to allow kids of all ages to enjoy the indoor beach. The littlest ones have a great time in the digging section. You don’t need to bring your own toys, 6Pack Beach has buckets, diggers, and shovels a plenty. I had a good laugh at the dad burying the lower half of his kids in sand…brilliant way to keep the kids contained.

Slightly older kids exhausted themselves on the massive pirate bouncy castle. The school aged kids seemed to thoroughly enjoy both the beach volleyball and dodgeball zones. My 2 boys spent a lot of time there. Drop ins, court rentals, leagues, tournaments, corporate events, BBQs, and much more are available to the general public. 6Pack also features kids or teen birthday parties with lots of activities to choose from: beach ball, beach volleyball, soccer, ping pong, frisbee, sand castle building, parachute, tug-o-war and a variety of games!

I would recommend 6Pack Beach for kids age 10 and under. The 5 and under crowd seemed particularly thrilled with the indoor beach. You can find the admission rates on the 6Pack Beach website.

6 Pack Indoor Beach Sports

With more than 700 metric tons of sand, covering over 5 full sized beach volleyball courts, 6Pack Indoor Beach is suitable for 6-100+ people; let your students experience the only multi-sport beach facility in Vancouver, BC.

The safe, sand-filled environment challenges students’ basic fundamental movement skills like running, jumping, throwing, and catching. It will be an experience unparalleled to what can be done in a regular gymnasium.

Develop your beach volleyball skills. Strengthen your teamwork. Increase your overall fitness. No rain, no sunburns, no glass or bottle caps. Top quality sand, full facility surround speaker systems and countless opportunities to learn and have fun!
Come check us out and let us bring a new dimension to your PE Programme.

6Pack Indoor Beach Centre

6Pack Indoor Beach Centre is probably the most modern indoor beach facility located in North America. Amenities include full showers, a foot wash station, BBQ grills, HDTV with 50inch screen, 15 dynamic range stereo system with dual subs, free Wi-Fi, and decorative night themed lighting. We are fun in a box, a spacious 18,000 sf. facility, 33 ft high ceilings and 5 FIVB sized beach courts.

It offers the best beach sand serving Vancouver and the GVRD area. With plenty of flex space available you can host a multitude of different activities during your event. The possibilities for your event are endless. Whether you are looking to put on a team-building event, a corporate sports day or even a casual company BBQ,we guarantee your employees and colleagues will want to kick off their shoes and have some fun. We have a fully licensed cafe with a bar or bring your own caterer.

“2017 Vancouver International Children’s Festival” at Granville Island Monday May 29 – Sunday June 4

A world-renowned weeklong festival of performing and visual arts for young audiences. The Vancouver International Children’s Festival has been educating, entertaining and inspiring educators, students and families since 1978. 2017 Festival School Tickets go on sale Tues. November 8!

4D Theater: Big Picture Conservation

This program accommodates large groups to learn about a “big issue” in the world’s oceans, either Marine Debris or Sustainable Fishing (teacher’s choice). Following the time with our staff, the group then has an exclusive showing of our current 4D film.





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