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I’ll be there for the buffet dinner with a few friends. The waiter (boys, Viet Nam, about 20 years old) described the “all you can eat Frankfurt” rule very quickly and in Germany language so that we can not understand it thoroughly. Anyway, we thought that we got all the details when we look at the clock on the iPads, showing that we can order 4 dishes per person each round before waiting for 15 minutes before the next round. We have some fun and ordered about 5 rounds before the iPad shows that we no longer can order. The waiter then came and told us that 90 minutes total time passed and we were done. Some issues to consider:

_ They let us not look at the clock 90 minutes (for some reason huh?!)

_ If you’re wondering why we’ve ordered 5 rounds and still want more, it is a pity I didn’t take photos of every dish exist: each dish is worth a bite, like a very thin slice 3 beef, 1 prawn tempura. Kimchi and miso soup are also counted as a dish. Food cannot be considered better than average, and the price makes it feel like a fraud.

The waiter _ The kind of wearing a funny smile when he sees us that way, which is a big plus.

So we left the restaurant, spend 30 euro each (drink included) to feel nowhere near half full. Do not ever intend to go there again, and hope no one will. Go elsewhere if you want to enjoy good sushi at an affordable price or buffet and let this sink in vain.

My Sushi All You Can Eat Frankfurt the self-service restaurant of Yaomi

Enter the Yaomi being sent away with the words ‘ sorry we’re full ‘ and nothing more, even when I asked “what about later?”, I went into My Sushi, just next door, I have to assume is a self-service Sushi and one- night train branch Yaomi.

What is a simple sentence that will add from the staff at Yaomi which says something like: “I’m sorry, unfortunately, we are booked out but You would like to visit our Sushi train next door? There you will definitely find a place and food will be the same quality as here … ”

Sushi in My Sushi was good, the restaurant is very busy, so people must like it. It is however as factory, which for some people may be what they expect in a Sushi restaurant, but I have the experience of places in Australia, Singapore, and Switzerland that offer real good Sushi train experience.

Ok for all you can eat Frankfurt- type restaurant

The service is poor but the food. It may just be me and the fact that I did not speak in the language of Germany, but found the service was pretty poor.

I stumbled across this restaurant where it. The concept of the Dancer to order 4 plates per person every 15 minutes via the iPad. You can order as much as of good quality and selection are highly variable. think of it as the Asian tour! Like I said before this service is poor (and this is when the restaurant almost empty). not speed but only generally help and attitude. For this type of restaurant technology with an iPad book, it’s disappointing not to have wifi for customers. I will visit again if I lived in the same area to give them a chance with a service

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