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For wildlife enthusiasts or travelers who’ve all seen before, a Platinum adventure is the opportunity of a lifetime. Enjoy a full day of extreme VIP treatment, meeting the animal’s behind-the-scenes exclusive and undivided attention of our animals and their expert handlers. You will go where very few guests have the opportunity to go, and you’re guaranteed a day of fun, discoveries, and experiences that you will never forget. One of them is Australia Zoo Bird Show.

All the birds have been hand raised to some degree and are highly trained to provide visitors with Australia Zoo‘s Avian experience like no other. Australia Zoo Bird Show gives the best performance for your enjoyment.

Australia Zoo Bird Show

3:00 pm-birds of prey live

This is your chance to watch these magnificent and impressive birds interact with their guards. Predatory birds Australia has amazing ways to find, capture and eat their prey-come and learn all about it!

The goal of the team is to the education of visitors about the plight of many species of exotic and native animals we are Australia. Our interactive event has a flying bird is absolutely free in Australia Zoo Crocoseum.

To achieve our goal, we flew a wide variety of Arian species including:

Exotic: blue and Gold Macaw, green-winged Macaw
Native parrots: Major Mitchell Cockatoos, the Red-tailed black
Cockatoo, pole vault, long-billed Parrot tail, Corrella; and
Birds of prey: laughing Kookaburra, Barking Owl, black kite, Peregrine Falcon, Wedgetail Eagle.

Coach Australia Zoo birds Show visitors


When Nick learns to completed his Applied Science majoring in Wildlife Biology, and hope one day to become more involved in rescue and rehabilitation side of the Zoo. If that doesn’t make him pretty busy she also learned Portuguese and taking care of his new Alexandria parrot. Nick has spent quite a lot of time abroad and teaching the language of United Kingdom in Japan and China for three years before coming to the Zoo. The result is always interesting if Nick ever has to identify individual birds by the colored bands on their legs, he is actually color blind but still somehow manages to be surprisingly good.


After completing a degree science, Jodie worked at a small Zoo in NSW when he landed a full-time job at the bird again in January 2003. Jodie has been powering a strong appreciation for birds of prey, particularly Raptors. Although he loves his bird, the real passion is primates, especially dariMC Gorilla, and he dreams of working with them in the future. When possible, Jodie was pleased to see some of his favorite bands like Pearl Jam and a perfect circle. Luckily her boyfriend Pete from the reptiles don’t mind dragged in!


Frank begins at the Zoo in November 2000 and now not only is he running the birds showed the team he is also one of only two senior guards at Australia Zoo. Frank has done extensive research on the raptor in the wild and has many pets at home including Princess Parrots, Eclectus Parrot, pole vault, hooded parrots, Ringnecks, cats, and dogs. He is also quite useful at home as well, Frank has spent the last few months really renovate her house.

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