Banff National Park Hiking In Canada

In Canada

Hiking in Banff and Lake Louise are among the most beautiful and inspiring in the world. Starting from the road and easy Ascension epic multi-day backcountry, hiking is an accessible way to immerse yourself in the spectacular scenery of Banff National Park hiking.

Take a stroll along the beach of the Lake sparkling blue-green, travel past the mountain, climbing across a frozen lake, and amazed by the larch shines in the fall. With a little effort and a dose of adventurous spirit, Banff national park hiking and Lake Louise is your chance to step outside of the norm you and to the world is truly magical.

Banff National Park Hiking Activities

Sitting on a rock towering above on the alpine pass, you can’t help but feel proud of yourself. There are moments during the climb the long, grueling where you wonder if the effort really worth it. But now, as you stare at the colorful turquoise Lake far below and imposingly surging around you, you feel a profound sense of wonder. And for some special moment, your daily pressures seem so far away. It’s definitely worth it.

From hundreds of possibilities you can choose the great day hikes in Banff National Park hiking is somewhat similar to pick the fish in the barrel that prefers to shoot.

Eiffel Lakes

The hike to the Lake Eiffel is a left turn at the fork where the intersection line Larch Valley, and the bench, occupy the top of the uphill hike from Lake Moraine. The spectacular rise of the Eiffel Lake easy and above Moraine Lake in the Valley of the ten peaks. There is outstanding pass the Eiffel Lake extension which passes through areas of interest from large stones and so on for a long, rocky road to Wenkchemna Pass and inspiring vistas beyond.

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