Best Time Of Year to Visit Grand Canyon For Your Vacation

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As the exotic nature lovers, a trip to the United States less complete without a tour to the Grand Canyon. A visit to the Grand Canyon are phenomenal already becoming the dream of many tourists. The Grand Canyon is actually a rugged canyons, cliffs, which resemble divided by the winding Colorado River. With a long reach 446 km, width up to 29 km, and the depth reaches 1,800 m, natural process.

Then over millions of years has established the Grand Canyon into a stunning panorama in the region of the State of Arizona, as the creation of a giant carving on a barren Rocky region but looks very pretty. With a large area, much of the spot to admire the beauty of the Grand Canyon, but in general the location of tourist destinations are divided into four sections in the direction of the eye of the wind, i.e., North, East, South, and West.

The trip from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon really pamper the eyes. The vast desert expanse with a high cliff cliffs as if into a main course appetizer which was very tasty. We also pass through the Hoover Dam which stems from the Colorado River. The dam was built in 1935 and is still considered one of the wonders of modern technology.

Best Time Of Year to Visit Grand Canyon

If you do not want are lining up don’t come on weekends, because on the weekend visitor numbers quite a lot. However, if indeed your time on holiday there is only on weekends are advised to come early. Green Canyon is open from 07.30 until 16.00 WIB. Don’t come in the rainy season. Because of the likely Green Canyon is closed due to increased water discharge. The best time to visit the grand canyon is at the dry season, because the river water will be crystal clear, green and more quiet. Prepare enough money when you travel to the Green Canyon.

After enjoying the Green Canyon you have several options of where to stay. If you are not too tired, you can embark on a journey of approximately one hour to Pangandaran. There’s a lot more lodging prices vary. But, if you are already very tired, feel free to stay in the area of The Batu Karas, approximately 15 minutes from Green Canyon. The best time to visit Antelope Canyon during the right season to see the increasingly amazing views and is also a very interesting spot.

This is the best tourist attractions.

Best Time of Year to Visit Iceland

The Northern Lights, or the usually also known as the Aurora Borealis, is something that a great dream many people to be seen directly, at least once in a lifetime. At the time wanted to pay a visit to Iceland is better when winter enters Summit is the moment that fit for travelling to Iceland. In the land of the ice if you’re lucky you can catch direct natural phenomena of the aurora borealis or northern lights. Planning a ramble toward Iceland need preparation. To get the best tour then you should specify the exact time.

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