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Be sure to read individual stories our island about the best time to travel to each island: when visiting Maui, when visiting Kauai and the big island of Hawaii while visiting.
First we want to show there are doubts about there being a season of wet/dry” and “high/low travel season in Hawaii. Two assumptions are true and untrue; from some point of view. Let’s take a look.


Spring: less rain began to fall in the level of trade to die as their summer makes this is one of the most ideal time to visit. Some call it the “dry” season. The weather is nearly always perfect and in general this is the best time to Find good travel deals. After mid-April, most airline ticket and lodging prices fall as a result of the “high season” is over. Week of April and the first week of the month of may which is often the time when most visitors Japan will arrive because of the “Golden Week holidays in Japan.

Fitting Sumer

Fitting summer: summer Usually classified in Hawaii as a low season“. This results in lower levels of both the accommodation and/or vehicle rental. However, the classification of low season” this can often be misleading, as the June-August is very popular with tourists. The price of flights will increase to the end of June and July due to high demand for seats nationwide. Thus, if you are flying from the East Coast, the most expensive flight You pay for continental flights to perhaps Ironically the West Coast.


Autumn: more rain began to fall in November as trade increases the level of their winter, and there are days where the rainwill dominate in the wind area beaches and mauka. While Hawai’i has gone through quite a dry spell for a few years, 2006 was the year of precipitation amounts almost to extremes, causing flooding in many islands in the early winter months. 2007-2008 has also been far more wet when compared with last year; and many say Hawaii weather cycles back to the more “correct.

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