Best Time To Visit Iceland, Seeing The Aurora Borealis in Iceland

The name Iceland may be not yet familiar. The country is located about 300 kilometers to the East of Greenland and 1,000 kilometers from Norway. Inhabited by most of the people in Scandinavia, Iceland included part of the Nordic Nations. The nation honors celebrities because of the level of happiness.

The beauty of Iceland plastered real in The movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. From that movie anyway lah, wishful thinking to visit the Ice Land soared. Many times I replay those movies, many times I made tafakur enjoy country landscape dominated by a cluster of glaciers that.

Earlier this year, when winter enters Summit is the moment that fit for traveling to Iceland. In the land of the ice–if lucky–you can witness the natural phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis or northern lights. Planning a ramble toward Iceland need preparation.

Best Time to Visit Iceland

The last few years, Iceland simply entice travelers from various countries around the world. In the period of 2010 to 2016, the number of travelers who visit Iceland is experiencing a surge in a fairly rapidly, i.e. approximately 900 thousand tourists come from all over the world.

In fact, Indonesia, travelers have already begun to consider the ground ice is as a place of a vacation destination. Enjoy the Aurora Borealis of course so the main agenda.

When is the best time to enjoy exposure to Iceland’s landscape depends on the purpose of your holiday? If the Aurora Borealis be goals from a long journey, so we recommend that you make your vacation agenda at the beginning of the year, January-February.

Northern lights or northern lights can actually be enjoyed when Iceland had already entered winter, since November to March. However, the climatic conditions of a chaotic world make the erratic weather in Iceland.

The best time to see the Aurora Borealis in Iceland

Although there is a lot of discussions online about when exactly can see the Aurora, but ultimately it all depends on the situation. A definite State of the sky must be dark enough so that the light can be seen his Aurora. This means that the aurora is not easy (or even impossible) is visible during summer due to summer in Iceland its Sun appear almost 24 hours in June/July.

So, to increase the chances of seeing the Aurora is estimated to be the best month is between November and March in which state the sky is darkest. But around September/October and March/April is also quite good because the weather is usually better than the time of peak winter (not too cold not too many & Blizzard).

Cheap Hotel In Iceland

  • Fosshotel Baron
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Seasonal Hotel: prices

  • High-season Reykjavik and beyond May 15 – 30 sept (in General).
  • High-season outside Reykjavik, June-August
  • Shoulder season in Reykjavik and out of town may & sept (some hotels in Reykjavik and the public outside of the city)
  • Reykjavik and low season around October – April (exception days such as Christmas and new year)
  • Low season hotels outside the city October – April (many hotels outside the city operation not in winter)

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