Biggest Aquarium In The World Asia

Probably 29 or 30 gallon is the most common size for a home aquarium tank. But many thousands of gallon aquariums have been constructed by some aquarists. Compare to any home aquariums, public aquariums can be dramatically larger. But the kind of aquariums that can hold whale sharks and manta rays are very few. To hold these kinds of aquatic creature, a very large tank is required.

There are not many aquariums that are big enough to make it to our list of largest aquariums in the world. We have looked at the size of their biggest tank (in gallons) in order to compare these large aquariums. Most aquariums contain several tanks and the combined volume of water can be much bigger but only the largest aquarium tank is counted here. A list of the largest aquariums in the world Asia  is provided here.

Biggest Aquarium In The World Asia

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

One of the largest aquariums in Asia, The Shanghai Ocean Aquarium is composed of 9 exhibition zones of all over the world. The zones include the China Zone, the Antarctic Zone and the Australia Zone. Including rare and precious species from the Yangtze River, several endangered Chinese aquatic species are housed in the China Zone. The underwater tunnel is the biggest attraction of the aquarium. The tunnel is 155 meter (509 ft) long and the longest underwater tunnel in the world.

Aqua City In Hong Kong

Aqua City in Hong Kong, In this world-class marine-themed area, you can watch Symbio, a multi-sensory show featuring the world’s first 360-degree water screen, embark on a journey of exploration into the Grand Aquarium, or view marine life from the world’s largest aquarium dome or through a giant viewing panel eight by 13 metres large. Make sure you drop by Neptune’s Restaurant for Hong Kong’s first aquarium dining experience!