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Brookfield Zoo or the Chicago Zoological Park is the zoo located in the Chicago suburb of Brookfield, Illinois. This Chicago Zoological Park houses around 450 species of animals in the area of 216 acres (87 ha). The Brookfield Zoo opened on July 1, 1934. It quickly gained international recognition for using moats. The ditches instead of cages to separate the animals from visitors and also from other animals. This zoo was also the first in America. Visitors are always scrambling Brookfield Zoo coupons. Brookfield Zoo in 1960, built the dolphin exhibit and nation’s first fully indoor.

It to exhibit giant pandas, one of which (Su Lin) has been taxidermied. Put on display in Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History. In the 1980s, this zoo introduced Tropic World. It is the first fully indoor rainforest simulation and also the then-largest indoor zoo exhibit in the world. This Brookfield Zoo is owned by the Cook County Forest Preserve District. It managed by the Chicago Zoological Society. The society sponsors numerous research and also conservation efforts globally. The multiplicity of needs of the Brookfield Zoo coupons evidence that a large number of tourists who want to visit.

Brookfield Zoo Coupons Membership

Brookfield Zoo coupons offer membership for families and also individuals with varied benefits.

  • BASIC – includes zoo admission and also parking at the main entrance.
  • UNLIMITED – includes BASIC benefits, it plus admission to all attractions on every visit and also parking at both entrances.
  • PLUS – includes BASIC benefits plus tickets to attractions you choose.

Brookfield Zoo History

Edith Rockefeller McCormick in 1919, donated land she had received from her father. It as a wedding gift to the Cook County Forest Preserve District. It for development as a zoological garden. The district added 98 acres or 400,000 m2 to that plot. In 1921, the Chicago Zoological Society was established. Serious construction didn’t begin until 1926. After the zoo tax was approved. Zoo construction slowed during the Great Depression. But regained momentum by late in 1931.

The construction went on at the increased pace. The zoo opened on July 1, 1934. By the end of September in 1934, over one million people had visited the new zoo. Then, the four millionth visitor was just two years later. The Brookfield Zoo is known for its majestic fountain. The named after Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States. On some days, this fountain’s spouting water can reach up to 60 feet high.

Brookfield Zoo Animals

At Brookfield Zoo, you can see a variety of animals. Fun can see many types of animals. Some of them are as follows.

  • Dolphins

The Seven Seas at Brookfield Zoo currently has 8 Atlantic bottlenose dolphins.

  • Ziggy

Ziggy was the 6.5-ton male elephant. Kept in the indoor enclosure for nearly 30 years.

  • Olga

Olga was the Atlantic walrus.

  • Binti Jua

Binti Jua is the female western lowland gorilla.

  • Cookie

Cookie, the Major Mitchell’s cockatoo. This Cookie had been part of the Brookfield Zoo’s collection since the opening, 1934.

Visiting these tourism place sights provide entertainment. You should invite the family. Fun, entertaining, and engrossing. Don’t hesitate to visit it.

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