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In Malaysia

BusTel is produced from used buses from Malacca state this. The bus was already renovated with beautiful. There are bed and water the same as the ordinary hotel. The only difference is the actual bus! BusTel owns 40 buses long ever applied around Malacca, which recycled and refurbished to become hotels, restaurants and public toilets.

Close to the Bus Cafe BusTel have, namely small stalls selling various foods ‘ street food ‘. So, you will definitely be bored here. Can relax by the Beach the sand beaches still Klebang white smooth while enjoying Cendol or coconut shake. If don’t want to visit on the beach, can also eat on the bus itself. A dining table is available in the variety of eateries.

If you are looking for unique ideas and interesting to take the kids on vacation, what words to Malacca? Try test BusTel square 1 Malaysia, Klebang.

Location BusTel Klebang

BusTel square 1 Malaysia, Melaka Klebang Beach. It is the beach Causeway which is produced by the State Government to further enhance the development of tourism in Malacca.

Room Price

Ordinary day (Weekdays) = RM80/night.
Weekends and holidays = RM120/night.
A bus load of 2 rooms

I was told by the Manager BusTel that in 1 room only allowed alternation 2 adults and 2 children. When I was there, I didn’t have the chance to stay in BusTel reason and fully booked. He said, indeed often BusTel fully booked, especially during the weekends and public holidays. He said over the weekend, the number of visitors can exceed 10,000 people! So if the day that wants to feel asleep in the bus will have booked early, ok!

Here the water room facility which is also made from the used bus. Once check-in is 30sen cost/person.

Square 1 Malaysia Klebang also there are some interesting activities to do with children such as play kite. There are many bus shop that sells kites of various design. So their children will not put form. Or play ATV can rent there.

So, what words to Malacca bring children on weekends or school holidays next time. It’s fun. In addition to Klebang ni, there are many other places of interest. Most of the places in Malacca ni FREE no need pay for check-in or watch.

BusTel Klebang and Restaurant at Melaka

First of all when saying “BusTel Klebang” what was your impression? that it is for sure notable with the theme and the concept of building a restaurant on the bus. With a very smart and creative. right?

In addition, the concept of the restaurant was also very comfortable for anyone. That is still the same with the concept for the restaurant. But … the more peaceful environment. In addition, it has fresh air, “a still small voice language” next to the beach.

I chose this restaurant because the owner of the bus itself change the bus into the concept of the restaurant is added to the table between the seats of the bus to the old classics. Each table corresponds to four people but can also be five people and depend on the size of the person itself. The owner did not change much because he wants customers to feel ” bus-the concept of ‘ own ‘ and that’s why it’s called a ‘ bus-Restaurant ‘.

Regular buses only using a standard white light lamp and that kind of lame, so that owners add a variety of color to express and present something so that customers find it easy and enjoy the environment. A combination of red and yellow featuring some exotic coupled with a classic way to the beach and the wind.

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