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1. weather

Cape Town VS Johannesburg. Cape Town proximity to the sea makes large sections of windy. This could be great in the summer, but with winter rain and ready, can be rather unpleasant. Joburg has a dry summer, interspersed with a bit of dramatic lightning; warm winter and during the day, with temperatures only dropping at night. On this subject, Joburg WINS easily.

2. Natural Beauty: Cape Town a bit.

It has a mountain with a pet, these reserves, rolling countryside, wineries, and its beaches. Cape Town VS Johannesburg (On the last point, don’t fall for the tourist: images of the sea freezing and one can only swim at beaches that have very little, like Fish Hoek, during certain times of the year.) Joburg is a classic of the African bushveld. The cliffs and canyons, many little Springs, nature reserves, and, well that’s about it, really. We can mention that the largest man-made forest in the world and has many parks and open spaces. For me, that barely ticked with the beauty of the Cape. So, on this count, I’d say win Cape Town.

3. artificial Beauty

Cape Town, being older, have more history, reflecting as it does a lot of layers. You will see anything from Cape Netherlands, Victorian, Edwardian, Georgia, district, Art Deco, Modern, medieval and contemporary architecture. Have more public art and public institutions, such as libraries and museums SA SA (both at the company).

Joburg much more recent: originally the late Victorian and Edwardian (with a handful of Arts and crafts), city, somewhat modeled on London, experienced a period of barbarism and savagery that significantly reduce the architectural heritage and replace it with the monstrosity 60s and 70s in this calculation, Cape also won.

4. natural population

Capetonians somewhat insular and old stereotypes about cliqueyness they apply. Approaching a Capetonian average with polite banter or small talk will get cold stares and makes one responsible will be taken for rapists. Capetonians live and die on the Cape, with and among their friends and the same people who they have always known. During the tourist season, the town is filled with various types of excursions, but, after it was over, the Capeys were left to themselves.

I think the dreariness of winter natural they may be contributing to this. Joburgers open, hospitable, friendly, much more ready to engage in small talk or take the mickey. The invitation is, in General, and invites (invitations from Capetonians in Cape Town is largely worthless-Capetonians are, as a rule, cannot be relied upon as Joburgers) and those means hanging out with you. On this count, Joburg wins hands down.

5. infrastructure: the Cape better run.

There is no pot hole on the road, less mess on the streets, better maintained buildings, dykes ditepi and other public facilities. That said, this is if you inhabit the area rich or historical. The opposite is true for the former settlements, inhabited by low-income groups. There are, very little of that is. In Joburg, suburban roads that worsen, even as the toll road network has improved. Joburg has an inadequate transport, but it is increasing rapidly with a high-speed rail network and a bus rapid transit network.

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