Disneyland VS Universal Studios Hongkong And Singapore

When it comes to children’s Entertainment Asia Pacific, few can match the popularity and quality¬† Hong Kong Disneyland vs Universal Studios Singapore. Both are tied to the world famous film studio and offers a variety of family-friendly attractions. USS, the younger of the two, is located in a casino resort called the Resorts World Sentosa, which include waterpark, Casino, Convention Centre and 5 resort Hotels, while Disney Hong Kong is part of the resort with its own a recreational Lake and 2 hotels.

This cheat shows a summary of the comparison between Hong Kong Disneyland or Universal Studios Singapore. To find out more about individual attractions and the final winner, please continue to explore this post!

Roller coaster:

Indoor Roller Coaster: Mountain Room vs. The Revenge of the Mummy

Although the mountain more space for icons, this is a victory for the USS. Revenge of the Mummy just has so much more, from the tree to the fire scene Imhotep in the second half of the trip. Although the space Mountain has some special effects, it is mainly the basic lighting and music only.

Also, the Revenge of the Mummy walk backwards, having the launch and drop, and 25kph faster than space mountain. What more can You ask for?

Family Roller Coaster: the big Grizzly Mountain vs. Enchanted Airways

This is an easy win for Disney. Enchanted Airways is only the layout of the standard Vekoma family Coaster that you can find in many amusement parks. Instead, the Big Grizzly Mountain is ascended the impeccably landscaped and themed with drops and launch, and even then on the way in which the chain lift the rest!

Vekoma standoff: RC racer vs. Battlestar Galactica

I know this is not a fair match up, but don’t have any roller coaster of competing. Battlestar Galactica will take on this point is quite convenient as it is actually 2 rides in 1. Also, the full circuit roller coaster like a Battlestar is almost always more interesting and unexpected from a shuttle coaster it just sends you back a part of the song. Because BSG 2 separate riding, USS will get 2 points!

Water rides

Adventure Cruises: the Cruise vs. the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure

Hong Kong Disneyland vs Universal Studios Singapore can go to one. However, for me, I just think the animal robot figures by Disney is more realistic than universal. Also, the Jungle Cruise has special effects that are more complicated like Geysers and volcanic eruptions, while the Jurassic Park using only water.

Other notable features of the Jungle Cruise is that if offers experience in 3 languages: Cantonese, United Kingdom, and China, so it’s really all inclusive.


3D show: Mickey’s Philmarmagic vs. Shrek 4 d

This is pretty obvious for the Disney won. For one, the chairs in the Shrek 4 d was very inconsistent, sometimes moving really hard while other times not even sync with the story line. Also, Philharmagic at the projection screen seems to be of higher quality, not to mention that the projection widescreen (unlike Shrek 4:3 standard). This means more overall experience profound Philharmagic.

Dark rides:

Thrilling rides the dark: Mystic Manor vs. Transformers: The ride

The second probe is really great with many interesting features. However, I think that Transformers has only the level of immersion and excitement that the Mystic Manor couldn’t hope to match, especially the combination of the 3D vehicle movement and perfectly synchronized. Not to mention that the Transformers cartoon that many kids and even adults like, but Mystic Manor was pretty much a standalone.