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Extreme Air Park has taken a trampoline into the sky! Get sky high springing in the courts of their great, and your latest freestyle moves or bouncing off the wall-literally. Zero Gravity basketball play, avoid duck diving and flying on one of those 3-D Dodgeball, flip in the zone foam or half-pipe, or burn 1.000 calories in their AIRobics fitness classes. Extreme Air Park Langley is an experience for any age, shape or size of the main playing sports!

Extreme Air Park, Indoor trampoline

Extreme Air Park Langley is Canada’s largest indoor play trampoline and the best place to take the kids of all ages on a rainy day in the lower mainland.

There are two extremes of the air garden in the Metro Vancouver: one in Langley (9499-198th Street) and the other in Richmond (14380 triangle Road). Both are amazing places to take the kids for an hour or two crazy bounces in over 40,000 ft ² of mutual trampoline.

Vancouver Extreme Air Parks

The specific elements in the air garden include:

  • 3-D Dodgeball: the most fun you’ll ever have playing dodgeball while jumping into the air.
  • Air zone: two giant court where participants can jump from the wall and from the mat with one another.
  • Half-pipe: fifty-foot wall bouncing fun.
  • Foam zone: pathways for people to jump their way down and flew into a pit of foam is soft at the tip.
  • Zero Gravity: amazing basketball court where you can do the slam dunks the best professionals even more.

Two minutes jump cost more than $20 (regardless of your age) and even the youngest and most powerful person will not likely want more time than that. One hour will cost you around $14 (and will be more than enough for each adult). Children under 18 need a legal guardian to sign a waiver, if you plan to send your child with someone else so be sure to download waiver and sign it in advance. Children under 7 must be accompanied by an adult at all times, although it is the best place for kids 8 or older. Go early to avoid the crowd.


Extreme Air Park: Langley trampoline

It was crazy, it was fun, and you can kill a 1000 calories in one hour before you know it happens! With a location in Langley just opened, this place is great for some group fun and games. Are you kidding me-they’ve got 3D Dodgeball!

If you’re tired of the same old same old, you should check out extreme Air Park Langley trampoline. With drop-in times are available, you can check it out and give it a go on your own to make sure that it is something you want to get your friends together to have a big laugh sessions and big air in indoor trampoline Park this incredible. With the option to solo, one-on-one and team play, you will find something that will keep you hooked!

It is located south of Richmond (near the No. 6 Rd and Steveston Hwy) and now in Langley (near 200th St North Hwy 1), extreme Park is the perfect place for groups of majority age.

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