Fernando de Noronha Brazil Beautiful Beaches

Fernando de Noronha is a beautiful beach located in Brazil, Latin
America. It reveals the natural panorama super special and impressive.
In Fernando de Noronha, you not only demonstrated the clear sea panorama
and refresh, or just soft sands and cool breeze. Fernando de Noronha
also offers panoramic views of the impressive nature of the cliffs with
the splendor of beautiful natural architecture. So, this Fernando
Noronha is guaranteed to satisfy your eyes.

Fernando de Noronha Brazil
has a very clear water, so it is very fitting to your sun or just have a
hobby just enjoy the beautiful panorama of nature around the beach. A
sparsely populated Islands are located off the coast of Northeast
Brazil, famous as a destination for diving with dolphins, shipwrecks and
psychedelic coral are all available for viewing under the water. A
tropical island, 545 km away from the coast of the State of Pernambuco

Fernando de Noronha Brazil Beautiful Beaches

The most beautiful beaches in the world, Fernando Brazil with
more than 2,000 inhabitants and where tourism has developed gradually,
creating chance encounters between man and nature in one of the places
the most important ecologically in the world. To enjoy nature tours we
have to travel to Noronha requires a minimum of 5 and a day. The average
annual temperature is 26 degrees Celsius.

Noronha Brazil Beautiful Beaches

coast of Fernando de Noronha is considered the best place in the world
for diving. You can enjoy the depths of the sea with different levels of
difficulty. From 8 meters to 63 meters depth for a certified diver.
Here also offered extraordinary beautiful landscape for surfing, i.e.
Laje Cacimba and Concecio. If you’re interested in visiting Fernando,
come between March and November, the warmth of the sea water fit to
dive. Another case if you want to surf, it is suggested you come between
the months of December to February. Feel the wind will lead you onto
the waves race against your heart.

Noronha has 16 beaches, five
of which are with restricted access for the purpose of preservation.
Among others, the most visited are the beaches of Cachorro, Conceicao,
Americanos, Cacimba do Padre and Quixaba. All the beach has fine-grained
sand and warm water. At some beaches, such as Baia dos Porcos and
Sueste Baia, there is a natural swimming pool formed by water trapped
between the reef; the perfect place to bring the kids. Brazil Fernando
de Noronha is also suitable for diving. The island was once the top of
the mountain, part of the chain of volcanoes that erupt a few million
years ago. and has a steep slope with surface, which allows to see
deeper into the sea water.

In addition to Fernando de Noronha,
you can also take a vacation to the beaches other popular in America as
Coast Guard Beach Cape Cod. For those of you on a vacation to the
beaches of Fernando de Noronha Brazil and want to stay, you need not
worry. There have been various Fernando de Noronha Brazil hotels to
stay. Recently some higher standard of the hotel was constructed but
because land, electricity and fuel are scarce commodities here, not a
lot of fancy places such as, shopping centers, air conditioning and