Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Tourism in United States

Hawaii is included in the State of the United States save Kilaeua
Volcano, one of the most active volcanoes in the world. To capture all
its activities stand Hawaii Volcanoes National Park in 1916 in the
southeast of the Hawaiian Islands. Because it’s too popular, this
National Park is known as a sacred place by local citizens. Hawaii
Volcanoes is actually includes 2 active volcanoes in Hawaii. The first
is the volcano Kilaulea (most active volcano) and the volcano Mauna Loa
(sub aerial volcanoes the largest). KÄ«lauea is currently still prolific
producing 250,000 to 650,000 cubic meters of lava per day. No one knows
when it will erupt again, but certainly a molten lava met the ocean is
the most important and most beautiful attractions that are widely hunted
by tourists.

Here you will find interesting experience seeing lava
directly as well as rare flora fauna watching. On this site you can do
activities to climb and also photography. Occupying an area of 333,000
hectares, this tourism object allows us to do many things. Available 150
mile trek to hike (hiking) through the volcanic crater. All dishes
naturally nature is like a museum of nature that allows us to learn
about things that relate to the volcano. In fact, not only the course
become Kilaeua attraction of this Hawaiian Volcano, but also the
Manunaloa mountain last erupted in 1984.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Tourism in United States

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Attractions

you visit the Volcanoes in Hawaii, you can choose the attractions of
what you want to watch. For example, the Kilauea Visitor Center. In this
place you can see the movie that displays general information about the
park. Next, join in the Crater Rim Drive. Here you can surround the
caldera Kilaeua along 10.6 miles. This is the main attraction in the
form of molten lava could you enjoy. For those who are interested in the
study of volcanology you can come to the Thomas A. Jaggar Museum. In
this place you can see a video about the volcano and their geological
map. Next there is the Halemaumau crater is believed to be the home of
Pele, Goddess of volcanoes.

In 1967 the crater was filled with lava
eventually drained. That is no less engrossing is the Thurston Lava Tube
that visited cave. This location was around 500 years and became places
where lava flowed. Large hollow it is very exciting to paddle because
it resulted in a tropical rain forest. In addition, you can visit some
of the other points such as the Chain of Craters Road, Volcano House dan
Puu Oo Vent. The diversity of the natural world and is recognized by
UNESCO as a world biosphere was ordained (World Biosphere) and a world
heritage site (World Heritage Site) in 1987.

In addition to this popular
tour, you can also take a vacation to Madison Square Garden New York,
or other best attractions in America. The National Park is open every
day for 24 hours it set a $ 1000 entrance fee for a vehicle for visits
for 7 days. As for pedestrians and cyclists is $ 500. For those who come
by bus or incorporated in the tour, entrance fees are differentiated
based on the passenger capacity.

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