How Many Pyramids In Egypt

If you ask yourself how many pyramids are in the world you will be lost in thoughts. And it least you wouldn’t find the right number. No matter who you are a person who has never interested in pyramids or you have PhD in History, it’s not matter you do not find an answer on this question.

Although most tourists concentrate on huge pyramids at Giza and Saqqara, there are many other pyramids in Egypt. All of them have four triangular sides sloping up from a square base. The shape symbolised the rays of the sun reaching down to Earth, with the polished sides reflecting the light. The shape also mimicked the primordial mound, which in Egyptian religion had been the first part of the Earth to emerge from the ancient waters.

How Many Pyramids In Egypt

How many pyramid tombs are there in Egypt?

According to the Wikipedia a pyramid “is a structure whose shape is roughly that of a pyramid in the geometric sense; that is, its outer surfaces are triangular and converge to a single point at the top”. This is a classical pyramidal form which represents the Great pyramid in Giza as like other two pyramids on the same plateau.

Every pyramid was built on the West Bank of the Nile. This put them close to the setting sun and so to the mythological realm of the dead.

Archaeologists have currently identified a total of 118 pyramid tombs in Egypt. Most of these are relatively small and some of the poorly built ones have collapsed into a pile of rubble. As recently as 2008, the ruins of a pyramid emerged from sand dunes near Saqqara, so it is believed that other pyramids may exist that have not yet been found.