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Sungai Lembing, an historical mining town that situated 42km northwest of Kuantan in Pahang is the answer for all the above questions. It is being developed 1880’s when mining industry is set up by British. Since then, Sungai lembing is renowned with its pit mines that appeared to be largest and deepest in the world.

Although it was closed in 1986 due to high operation cost and low yield. Sungai Lembing is still leaving impressive historical story of tin mines for young to recall. Besides the history, the natural tropical greenery sorrounded beauty scenery like waterfall and panorama hill as well as friendly and affable people in this small little town formed natural built backdrop for Lembing Riverview Resort.

Tourist can experience the lighthearted country life style getting the idea of urban civilization while staying with us.

Lembing Riverview Resort Kuantan accommodation guide everything you need to know before visiting Lembing Riverview Resort Kuantan Malaysia. Photographs, room types, activities, facilities, location booking information costs rates and prices for your stay at Lembing Riverview Resort Kuantan, read all the accommodation information about Lembing Riverview Resort.

The Lembing Riverview Resort Accommodation.Located in Lembing Chinese Village, tourist can easily experience the simple and easy life style as we are at the heart of Sungai Lembing’s housing district. Wooden made chalets are built just steps away from the river of Sungai Lembing. As the river gives the ideal backdrop with breathtaking riverside view accompany with gently blowing wind, thust it gives Lembing Riverview Resort’s guests natural surrounding to unwind.


Lembing Riverview Resort Accommodation

There are chalets rooms available in Lembing Riverview Resort, each with individual air- conditioned as well as attached bathroom with hot shower. For budget travelers or camping lover. Lembing Riverview Resort provides the fun and excitement of camping. Tents ans shared bathrooms are available for guest comfortably staying with nature.

Deluxe Garden Room

All Deluxe Room overlook the garden and natural green lush forest. Rooms arebuilt with wood gives the feeling of retuning to age-old time, equipped with queen-sized bed or single bed depends on the type of rooms. Rooms facilities are include of individual air- conditioning with remote control, ceiling fan and attached bathroom with hot shower.

Camping Site

Our Resort offers you the fun and excitement of camping, without giving up all the comfort of home. We invite you to enjoy much fun, relaxing activities at or near our campgrounds. Other than camping tents, shared bathroom (no heather, ready to enjoy the eco natural weather) are provided.

The Top Things to Do Near Lembing Riverview Resort

Rainbow Waterfalls

Malaysia is blessed with abundant rainforests all throughout the country, and with it comes gorgeous waterfalls. On my recent visit to the old mining town of Sungai Lembing on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia; I decided to join a local tour that promised to bring me to one of the most magnificent waterfalls in the country. The unique feature of this waterfall is that from 9-10am every morning, the sun hits the falling water at the base of the falls and creates a beautiful rainbow. People come from all over the country to make the one and a half-hour journey to get to the falls, just to see this beauty of nature.

From the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur, the journey to Kuantan, the capital city of the Pahang state, takes about 3 hours along the East Coast Highway. From Kuantan, it is another 45 minutes drive to reach to the small mining town of Sungai Lembing, the base to get to the Rainbow Waterfall.

Visitors who intend to visit the falls usually stay the night before, as the guided tour to the falls begins at 6am in the morning. If you prefer, you can also make the trip to the falls yourself; but due to the uneven roads and paths through the jungle, you will need a 4X4 off road vehicle and perfect timing to see the rainbow. So I say, better leave it to the local experts, and just go along for the ride. Most resorts in town can help you get bookings done the day before. It costs RM50 (US$13) per person, inclusive of the RM10 forest reserve fee.


Sungai Lembing Museum

The Sungai Lembing Museum serves to disseminate information as well as display evidence of the celebrated history of tin mining in Sg Lembing, in line with its one-time status as the world’s largest subterranean mine, as well as the richest town and the major producer of tin ore in the state of Pahang, Malaysia. The Museum was officially opened on 23 April 2005.

The museum building, which is two floors high, is located on top of a hill. It was formerly the residence of managers of tin mining companies in Sungai Lembing, from the Pahang Corporation Limited (1887-1906) through to the glorious heyday of the Pahang Consolidated Company Limited (PCCL), from the years 1906-1986. The building, designed in the vernacular-colonial style, is known as European Bungalow 1 (or EB1 for short) to differentiate it from the residence of other senior British officers.

Permanent collections: Sungai Lembing Museum showcases a collection of the original mining equipment used for subterranean tin mining in Sungai Lembing. Amongst the interesting pieces of this collection are the wooden moulds used for making spare parts for the machines that operated in the factories. There is also a kiew wheel and a winch, which are part of the equipment used to raise or lower mining workers, goods, wood, or iron in the tunnel, as well as for hauling the ore. The mini mox vehicle used to transport the General Manager to the mine or factory is also on display.

Sungai Lembing Mines

The Sungai Lembing Mine is restored to retrospect the glorious days of Sungai Lembing as Pahang’s richest manufacturer of tin. Sungai Lembing is prominent in the history of Pahang, and once dubbed as the El-Dorado of the east. “It was operated since 1886 for a period of a century. Part of the mine is refurbished and is now opened for visitors.”

The mine is preserved in it most natural and original settings. Visitors will be able to witness the glorious era of Sungai Lembing. Since the mine is located beneath a tropical rainforest, visitors will be able to experience a unique cooling climate in the tunnels.


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