Lisbon Oceanarium Large Collection of Marine Species

In Portugal

Sights indeed always visited by lots of people who want to relax and enjoy the beauty of the place. Many of the attractions in this world that are not yet well known by tourists, but there are tourist attractions in the world it’s very interesting that just maybe you guys want to visit after seeing it. One of the places that you must visit for sightseeing, namely Portugal. Portugal is a country which has the diverse beauty of the charm of the attractions, country in the European continent this has the official name of the Republic of Portugal. As developed countries based on the stability condition of the economy, politics, and social, Portugal was able to able to bring the tourism potential of the stunning course to invite tourists.

Lisbon Oceanarium Portugal

Lisbon it is the hometown of the most famous soccer player in the world of Cristiano Ronaldo. Lisbon also has named famous Football Club Sporting Lisbon. Not until there is beauty also had famous Lisbon throughout Europe because there there are historical and old buildings can bring us back during the world war.

Four tanks around the large central tank House four different habitats with their native flora and fauna: the rocky shores of the North Atlantic, the coastline of Antarctica, climate of the Pacific kelp forests, coral reefs and tropical India. The tank is separated from the Central tank only by large sheets of Acrylic gives the illusion of a large single tank. In the whole of the first floor there is an additional 25 thematic of the aquarium with the respective characteristic habitats. Lisbon Oceanarium is one of the few aquariums in the world to house the sunfish, because of their unique and demanding requirements for care. Other interesting species include the great spider crab two and two sea otters named after footballer Eus├ębio and Amalia, fado singer Amalia Rodrigues is named.

Lisbon Oceanarium Indoor Aquariums

If you want to visit with the family, the best place is to visit the Lisbon Oceanarium. Here you can see the largest indoor Aquarium that is in Europe. Indoor aquariums in design with very conceptual, its structure similar to the aircraft at arsiteki by Peter Chermayeff which also mengarsiteki world’s largest aquarium located in Osaka Japan. It became the favorite sights tourists from various countries. Lisbon Oceanarium it is the largest indoor aquarium in the European continent, located in the city of Lisbon. The charm of this Aquarium beauty looks from the conceptual architecture design with a shape like the structure of the plane. The architect Peter Chermayeff is an architect of the world who has also designed the Osaka Oceanarium (one of the world’s largest aquarium).

Entry tickets ranged between 13 Euro specifically for children aged 4 up to 12 years old and older people aged 65 years and above only cost 9 euros. While the children aged under 3 years free of charge.

Visit The Oceanarium

The Oceanarium has two floors, and everything revolves around the large central tank. We recommend to follow the arrows, so you can visit the marine species from a variety of the world’s oceans. The top floor has living in water animals living closest to the surface of the water, while downstairs, you’ll find creatures of the sea.

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