Rabat Andalusian Gardens Park Morocco

Rabat Andalusian Gardens Park Morocco

Rabat Andalusian Gardens Park Morocco – Despite the cosmopolitan feel of Rabat, there is a great deal of historic and architectural interest around. Whether in the Medina or the Ville Nouvelle, monuments punctuate the span of Moroccan history  from Roman settlements in the nearby Chellah sanctuary to the Almohad gates and walls of the Medina.

Rabat has the added advantage of being easy to explore without a guide. Unlike Marrakech or Fez, people do not depend on tourist money  making it an altogether more relaxed experience.

Secret gardens

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Come and discover this unspoilt nature. Pink flamingoes, gray cranes, herons and storks like the meandering Loukos river, south of Tangier or, like the bald ibis, are frequent visitors to the Souss Massa natural park near Agadir. The golden eagle and the white snake-eagle meanwhile prefer the Toubkal national park, south of Marrakech.
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Enjoy the rich and powerful fragrances of the forest, where you may cross the path of a stag or a porcupine. Mount Toubkal reveals a wild panorama of plunging gorges, through which crystal rivers flow. The national park of Tazzeka, to the east of Fez, comprises immense forests full of gorges and caves. Whether wild or tamed, nature is at the heart of our identity and our art of living.