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Formed milhões years, the mountains located on the border between Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana are unique on the planet. The immense plateaus with 3000 meters of altitude are called by the Indians as “tepuis”. Time does not exist there. What there are are legends and mysteries hidden by fog that surrounds the tepuis, frightening and fascinating men for a long time. So much so that inspired the English writer Conan Doyte, the creator of Sherlock Homes, writing fiction “the lost world”.

According to the legends of the Caribés Indians, mount Roraima, which is one of the high points of Brazil with 2,875 m, is the abode of God Macunaíma, being fuzzy for its formation and the diversity of ecosystems of the Amazonian savanna. To protect him was created in 1989 the Monte Roraima harboring 116,000 hectares.

We are a company of tourism focused on the audience that likes to travel and see new places, making adventures for places still almost untouched, living with a virgin nature, and meet people who lead a simple life. We are extremely careful in our work, having as main features: personalized and Humanized, qualified, well-trained team professionalism, equipment always reviewed and in the best conditions of use, extremely ethical behavior in relationships, deep respect for the environment and constant concern for the sustainable development of tourism. In this way, the Roraima Adventures seeks to transform the dream of a trip into reality.


Tourist attractions of the Roraima Region Adventures

Mount Roraima: Screenplay 03 Nations Circuit-C3N. Meet the MOUNT RORAIMA is a different experience, even for those who have experienced other treks. Is much more than hiking and camping, is a visit to one of the oldest on the planet, dating from the Pre-Cambrian Era, far from the existence of man on Earth. In this package called 3 NATIONS CIRCUIT, we elaborate a 07 days of programming track, where you can visit some of the main points at the top of the mountain, among them the triple point, the pyramidal landmark jammed in the top of the mountain, which demarcates the boundary of boundaries between Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana.

“It was necessary to cross the Brazil, into the extreme north of the country, in the triple border with Venezuela and Guyana. The goal: to climb to Monte Roraima.

I didn’t want to find any pink diamond equal to that of Commander of the novel, just couldn’t wait to meet some of the most original and impressive landscapes of Brazil. The mountain has an unusual format. It stands vertically, with its sandstone walls of about 1000 meters high, whose flat top, a stone plateau, houses an environment totally different from everything that exists, with various species of plants and endemic amphibians.

The indigenous Venezuelans call this geological formation of tepuy. There are a hundred tepuys in the Canaima National Park, in Venezuela, mount Roraima is the only of the Brazilian side of the border and allowing his Ascension without need for climbing ropes. One of the most desirable destinations for trekkers, up there attracted by its aura of mysticism, and the exotic landscape, designed by endemic gardens, waterfalls, chasms and rocks of formats well.

Mount Roraima Adventures, the lost world

On the flight, on their way to Boa Vista, capital of Roraima, don’t get out of my head the stories read, days before, in “the lost world”, by writer Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes. In the book, whose story unfolds on Mount Roraima, the mountain is inhabited by dinosaurs and fantastic beings. Soon I would discover that no, there are no dinosaurs out there, but the mount Roraima is a great daydream. And the words of Lord Roxton, one of the characters in the book, echoed like a mantra in my head: “Let’s go to adventure, my dear young! The mysterious lands and open spaces allow us to the joy of discovery. ”

3 hours after take off from Brasilia (mandatory connection to those coming from São Paulo) the plane approached of Boa Vista, boring clouds that looked like cotton.

I expected to find a town stuck in the Amazon rainforest, but what I saw from the window of the plane was an arid setting, a great desert, where he was stuck the capital of the State of Roraima.

At the landing I felt the hot breath. Boa Vista seems a dry sauna. I went straight to the Office of the Agency Roraima Adventures, I would do my expedition. The company offers six different trekking routes to explore the Monte Roraima, with prices ranging between R$1900 and R$3100, and three others with arrival at the top in a helicopter, which are much more expensive, starting at $2000.

The screenplay of Lake Gladys, I was about to face, has seven nights long, four of them at the top of the mountain. Would be 120 km in total, which gives an average of 14 per day. All packages include transfer from Boa Vista to Paraitepuy, already in Venezuela, where the trek begins, plus guides, porters to carry all the camping equipment and meals.

The tent is for two people, but anyone who wants to, can request a single tent, paying extra for it (R$250). It’s good to have more space and privacy. Each carries its own baggage: clothes, sleeping bag and thermal insulator (to line the floor of the tent, a fundamental accessory for chilly nights in the mountains). The Agency rents and the sleeping bag for R$ 80 each.

Ana, one of the guides, recommended me to take a maximum of 12 kg, so that the weight does not become too uncomfortable during the trekking. There is a possibility to hire charger for lead to personal baggage, which is highly recommended. There is an increase of R$ 70 a day, but it’s worth the investment. The trail is tough, because of the climbs and stretches with stones, and with weight on the back is much more difficult.

I had no intention of hiring charger (regret later). Therefore, the weight of the Backpack was a major concern. But the clothes I would have to take the camera gear, which included a Canon 5 d, two objective and a sturdy tripod, which added nearly five extra pounds.


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