Santa Monica Beach California Beautiful View

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Santa Monica Beach is located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean.
Santa Monica Beach California really is a natural, clean and well
maintained. The Government of Santa Monica really pay attention to the
attractions of an asset that its territory. Even every Friday there is a
janitor from office town and clean up the beach. Dozens of residents of Los Angeles to Santa Monica Beach as volunteers in international beach cleanup every day. They include thousands of California residents who participated in a global event that involved hundreds of thousands of citizens around the world.  

For picking up trash, they use kayaks, so many that utilize this event to learn the Eskimo boat. Visitors
can do a variety of activities at the beach include “One of the Top Ten
Beach Cities in the World” version of National Geographic. As the beach
is always in sunlight throughout the year, many visitors accidentally
come to sunbathe or simply sit back and enjoy the soft sea breezes. From
Santa Monica Beach, visitors can continue their visit to the Santa
Monica Pier or Main Street. Shopping adventure can also be enjoyed at
the Santa Monica Place Mall.

Santa Monica Beach California Beautiful View

Santa Monica California Beach 

Monica State Beach has a length of 3.5 mil provides a route for those
who want to cycle. 35-kilometer line runs from North to South to Malibu
Torrace. Visitors can enjoy free line of motor vehicles is to cycling.
Other activities that can be performed on the Santa Monica Beach is
fishing. All visitors may be fishing without having to have a special
license. No need to worry if it does not carry the equipment fishing
because fishing line and lures can be rented at the pier. For the hobby
of surfing at the beach, can do this season without restriction. Surfing
can be done at the guard post between 18 to 20 posts (Pico Blvd and Bay
St.) and between 28 and 29 post post (Ashland Ave and Pier St.).

waves make swimming into options activity on this beach. Other
activities that are not less exciting especially if you come in a group
was beach volleyball. Volleyball court are on the South side of the
pier. Visitors can enjoy it free of charge. Santa Monica Beaches is also
often a specific event such as a staged race bicycle race. To find out
various information pertaining to the Santa Monica Beach, visitors can
visit the Annenberg Community Beach House. Its ministry is opened all
year round. Visitors can also take a break in the cafe that is located
in the Beach House.

In addition the site also rents out various purposes beach picnic like statues and beach chairs. For those who want an
exclusive picnic, there is a two-storey house with a pool and outdoor
water play special children. Santa Monica Beach is one of the world’s most popular beaches in addition to Fernando de Noronha Brazil. A lot of visitors from various countries travel to the beaches of Santa Monica. Santa Monica Beach is a beautiful beach also has worldwide.

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