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Want to eat as much but didn’t make the money runs out. You can come to Shaburi Grand Indonesia. For who is in Jakarta, you can come directly to the Grand Indonesia to try variants food. The concept offers all you can eat where you can eat and drink till you drop with a varied choice. Shaburi restaurant brings the Japanese style which serves a menu with authentic flavors, delicious and healthy. Shaburi restaurant present offers the concept of a “One Pot Syle All You Can Eat Shabu-shabu”. That is to say, each visitor will have a hot pot respectively.

Usually, the all you can eat restaurant others just give one hot pot for 2-4 people. Then here everyone will get one. No need to share with others. Shaburi Grand Indonesia serves food with processed meat with good quality beef. Shabu Shabu is the Japanese cooking style where diners cook thin slices of meat quickly in boiling broth. Then dip them in the sauce. Although an all-you-can-eat, but they limit customers to meal times 70 minutes for a weekend lunch. 90 minutes for weekdays (lunch & dinner) and weekend dinner.

Shaburi Grand Indonesia

Privilege Shaburi popular culinary tour located in beef. They provide 4 meat options to choose from, namely Shaburi Wagyu Shabu Shabu, Shabu Shabu Beef, Special Beef Shabu Shabu, and Special Wagyu Shabu Shabu. Surely every meat has different prices, depending on the quality of the meat you choose. They also provide various kinds of soup to boil the meat and vegetables. Among them are Soy Milk, Miso, Konbu, Hot Miso Soup, Hinabe, Sukiyaki, and Chicken Paitan Collagen.

For sauce, their flesh also has variations, namely Gomadare sauce Ponzu, and also the Genghis Khan. You just choose the soup and sauce that is a favorite of yours. Complementary Shabu Shabu like vegetables, a variety of Meatball and noodle/udon you can grab an all-you-can-eat buffet in the corner. For the flesh, itself will be delivered by the waiter as requested by you. So, when you have run out of meat, you can ask the waiter to get meat for you. Not just vegetables and meats that you can take as much, but the drinks and dessert can also be taken up.

Shaburi Grand Indonesia Pricing

Shaburi restaurant serves all you can eat shabu-shabu with pricing range as below:

1. Beef Shabu-Shabu – IDR 168.000 Senior and Kids IDR 89.000
2. Special Beef Shabu-Shabu – IDR 228.000 Senior and Kids IDR 131.000
3. Shaburi Wagyu Shabu-Shabu – IDR 318.000 Senior and Kids IDR 179.000
4. Special Wagyu Shabu-Shabu – IDR 428.000 Senior and Kids IDR 239.000

Shaburi also has some of Dashi Soup that you can choose: Hot Miso Soup, Chicken Collagen Paitan, Sukiyaki, Original Konbu Soup, Soy Milk Miso Soup, Japanese Herbal Soup, and the new one is Tom Yum. Every soup has its own character. It is fit with the meat. In this time, Shaburi Grand Indonesia has ordered Beef Shabu-Shabu with Tom Yum Soup. Customers can get our own pot for the soup. So if you are dining with family or friends, you can have different types of soup and you can try out each other.

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