Skocjan Caves Cerknica Slovenia

The Skocjan Caves Regional Park lies in the south-west of Slovenia, on the main Karst plateau, from which the word Karst originates. The park encompasses 413 hectares and is 15 km from Italy (Fernetici by Trieste), 80 km from Ljubljana and 12 km from the Lipica Stud.

The Skocjan Caves, with the vastness of their underground halls and gorges, hold a special place among the seven thousand caves in Slovenia. They comprise a network of eleven caves, with hollows, swallow holes, natural bridges among them many geological features.

Skocjan Caves Cerknica Slovenia

Because of their unique natural features and cultural heritage they have been on the UNESCO world heritage list since 1986, and in 1999 were put on the Ramsar List of Wetlands of International Importance as the world’s largest underground wetlands. You will marvel at the beauty of both the underground world and the surrounding karst world above. The temperature in the cave is constant 12°C.

The Škocjan Caves Regional Park

In addition to tours of the Škocjan Caves, which are open to visitors year-round, the park offers visitors various other possibilities for learning about the Kras region and its features.
Škocjan Museum exhibitions. A tour of the village itself includes an ethnography exhibition in the J’Kopin Barn, an illustrated history of the exploration of the Škocjan Caves in the Jurjevo Barn, and biology, geology, and archeology exhibitions in the Natural Science Center.
Visit the caves in winter, early spring, and late fall when tour groups are smaller than during the summer high season.
Škocjan Education Trail, a moderately demanding hour and a half walk around the Velika dolina and Mala dolina collapse dolines in the heart of the park. Informative signboards present the basic features of karst phenomena and numerous interesting descriptions of karst plants and animals as well as the rich cultural and historical heritage of the area.