The 4 Best Zoos in United States For Vacation

In America

The Zoo is one of the places that often became one of the tourist destinations or family vacation. At this place we will see a lot of almost all kinds of animals and animals around the world. As the development time of the Zoo now has an attraction for its visitors. Starting from the appeal of these kinds of animals there are in it up to the shape and mood of the zoo itself.

The Bronx Zoo, United States

The Bronx Zoo is one of the top zoos in the United States oldest and included in the ranks of the best zoo there, it has a population of species up to 4 thousand animal with a total number of 650 different animal species and scattered all over the world make this zoo one of the best.

Basel Zoo United States

Basel Zoo who in 2008 by Forbes Magazine rated as one of the 15 lists the best zoo in the world, and one year later in 2009 Basel Zoo Zoo was named the 7th best that exists in Europe. Each year the Zoo was able to attract up to 1 million visitors, with many different types of animals in it like a flamingo, cheetah, Rhinoceros, and hippopotamus. In the operations is very good, this Zoo has many successful breeds the animals in the world are endangered, other zoos during the very difficulty in doing so.

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, United States

Standing above 234 hectares of land located in the area of Powel, Ohio. The Zoo is home to this one as well as living quarters for 793 species with a total of animals reaches thousands of animals, so it is not wrong if the Zoo one was entered in 10 tourist attractions the Zoo the best in the world. The Zoo in 2012 then it was crowned as the best zoo in America, according to the survey and the version of the reader, with the total visitors to reach 2 million people each year make this zoo is well known, not only that the visitors or tourists coming to this place will also be offered a golf course with Safari Gold Club swimming pool is complete with Jungle Jack’s Landing.

The Smithsonian National Zoological Park, United States

As the name suggests this is a Zoo, the National Zoo in Washington d.c., United States. The Zoo has more than two thousand animals of 400 species contained therein. There are unique if you pay a visit to the Zoo, if you visit you will be offered a tour of the “Snore and Roar” that the visitor will be taken to surround the Zoo at night and will stay in it.

The advantages of belonging to the zoo that you won’t find on other Zoo officials are not going to charge any fee for visitors who come to enter into, the Zoo is open every day and just going off on a Christmas vacation this may will be an incredible tour destinations for your family if you want to try it out. This beautiful place for your holiday.

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