The Best Korean Restaurant Melbourne

The cuisine of Korea has made its way to Melbourne culinary scene is rather quiet. Korean Restaurant Melbourne BBQ is always popular, but as far as we know, there has been no proclamation bulgogi bibimbap or hot food trend is next. What is indisputable, however, is that Korea food really has affected major food culture. For example, there are no bats an eyelid in Korean-Mexican fusion dishes, gochujang chili pepper paste is now competing with Sriracha hot marinade as the next, and you will find kimchi as a side dish in cafes and fried chicken joints as Melburnians embraces the health benefits of fermented foods.

We’ve rounded up the best Korean Restaurant Melbourne has to offer, from BBQ to Korea bibimbap hot stone dishes cooked in a hot pot and warm Your cockles on a cold night in the city.

You can also check out our beginner’s Guide to some of the major players of Korean cuisine, so next time you find gochujang at Your fried chicken burger, you’ll know what it is and why it exists.

The best Korean barbecue in Melbourne

Forget the deep South, it turns out that Korea is the King of the grill. Champion of communal dining, barbecue Korea is all about meetings around a hot grill and turmoil through smoky pieces of roast beef among friends. Like most Korean cuisine, the side is a part of the main event, and the best barbecue restaurants are the one’s banchan dishes and dishing out the best.

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Melbourne Hwaro Korea BBQ

Everyone knows that the meat is grilled over charcoal interpreter more rapidly than other forms of cooking. Yes, a gas barbecue will get the job done, but there the extra smoky depth that can only be achieved when charcoal fire-power of you. And this is why we love Melbourne Hwaro Korea barbecue together in Little Collins Street. Here, you do your cooking top individual cast iron pot full of red hot coals that they bring to your table (this is a restaurant where you always want to find where you go). It is not a barbecue Korea without the beef ribs (galbi), and here you can order their thin and bones, cut into standard, premium or marble top. You revealed the meat from the bone ribs marinated before you put it on the grill plate and cook quickly and evenly, with the perfect amount of char on the outside.

White kimchi

With so many culinary stunners in Smith Street, it’s easy to forget the other restaurants that have gone at it without the continued hype that surrounds other establishments like Messina and Huxtaburger. White kimchi is one of the restaurants. Run by James Lee and his family, white Kimchi does simple and classic fare Korea. You will want to get their bibimbap here, which can be served in regular or dolsot (hot stone) Bowl, which gives the rice a wonderful crusty bottom layer and cook the raw egg to fill a bowl of rice.