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Studio space in the village Yoga Santa Cruz . Beautiful studio space, bright, clean and warm. Yoga studio is heated room, with soft, moist heat. This is the warm room, both physically and emotionally; This is a room full of love that will fill you up when you’re feeling empty and sustain You when you’re full; This is a compassionate space that accepts You just the way you are in the moment and not judge what your body can or cannot be done; This is a space that allows for exploration, demand, expansion, and healing the body, mind and soul.

VillageYoga Santa Cruz offers the following facilities and comforts. Please note that not all of the amenities and services you would expect. Some are for sale or Rental.

  • Male and female showers and separate dressing room
  • Parking in the front, several lots nearby, and in metered parking along the surrounding streets
  • Bicycle parking in front of the studio (yoga mat rental free when you ride your bike!)
  • Filtered water – please bring water bottles can be re-used to recharge
  • Organic juice drink from the bottle of La
  • Towel rental of $2 and $2 Mat rentals
  • Coconut water for maximum hydration
  • Small retail area yoga with clothing, books, jewelry
  • Mats storage lockers and Leased on a monthly basis


Teachers In Village Yoga Santa Cruz

The village Yoga Santa Cruz first opened in Soquel on March 31, 2001. Amy Mihal and Sally Adams left the yoga they teach full time jobs from Global Yoga in San Francisco with the simple aim of sharing Bikram Yoga to the people of Santa Cruz County. We feel blessed we are able to open up in a beautiful place!! We opened in downtown Santa Cruz in September 2004 and let studio Soquel went in the fall of 2005.

Amy and Sally also thanked the people of the village community of Yoga that continues to fascinate and inspire. Although our vision about seeing those bright-eyed and smiling from their clear light yoga, we could never imagine feeling deep support, love and community that has evolved. Perhaps thanks to yoga and togetherness we continue for years!

Wellness Room In Village Yoga Santa Cruz

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a subtle, but powerful, light touch bodywork steeped in the tradition of Japan. With a focused and meditation, Reiki practitioners put his hand on various places the receiver body to restore balance. Reiki treatments designed to elicit a response of deep relaxation that reduces stress and promote healing and allows for the cells of the body to repair itself, eliminates toxins, rejuvenate and restore themselves. People report feeling very relaxed and rejuvenated after treatment.

Reported benefits of breast health:
* relaxation * improved pain management * reduce anxiety * improve sleep * surgical * recovery accelerates enhanced feeling of well-being * improve digestion * greater self-awareness * spontaneous happiness:)

Reiki can help the body cope with a wide variety of health conditions including:
* Cancer * heart disease * fatigue syndrome * chronic * pain * depression insomnia * traumatic brain injury * anxiety * neurodegenerative disorder * autism * emotional illness and developmental delays * ADD/ADHD * Crohn * IBS * end of life care and bereavement


Ashley Keith
My specialty is working with the emotional and physical body with diverse modalities such as healing power of sound and vibration, singing bowls and didgeridoo vocal release. I put an eclectic mixture of bodywork fuse 5 elements earth, fire, water, air, and well into my session using the polarity of the workforce. Polarity helps balance the flow of life energy in all the major organs of the body and calms the central nervous system. I learned the polarity and the acupressure Institute Health Cypress and kept me education in Sweden and deep tissue massage at Esalen Institute in Big Sur.

I also offer full body massages, traditional Thailand upon request. Thai massage using gentle pressure along the energy lines of the body and yoga-like stretching to relax the entire body at a deeper level. Thailand massage clearing blockages of energy, which improves overall health and well-being.

I am currently working in both in the Spa as massage therapists. I am a Yoga instructor and artist/instructor. In my spare time you can find me fly under my silk air. My personal experience with body awareness and injury prevention is intuitive thanks to my athletic background and core elements in my session.


Anaina Mascovich

I offer a unique integrative approach to bodywork that combines two modalities: NeuroKinetic therapy * (NKT) & SourcePoint therapy *. NKT is an advanced diagnostic tools and treatment approaches to the body. Through the use of manual muscle testing, NKT detect compensation patterns in the body and found that muscle group firing properly and which are not. SourcePoint therapy is a system of labor. Using a series of techniques to provide a reference for each person’s individual energy systems as well as providing energetic container for each session. There are a few scans that provide information like where every body would first want to be reached, where the main obstruction to the flow of information from the blueprint of health * is located, as well as the nature of the blockage. After the blockage is set, manual, energetic and educational techniques used to clear blockages. Embedded in the health blueprint is all information for physical health, emotional, mental and spiritual, including highest potential we have as human beings.

Cost: $75 for 75 minutes.
Special offers for the village of Yoga students: $50 level for the first time session

Anaina is a certified massage practitioner # 22262, certified NKT Practitioners (level 1) & SourcePoint therapy practitioner certified Yoga instructor &. Massage and bodywork therapy is a natural extension of his experience for more than 20 years of investigation of somatic; from modern dance, individual-centered yoga breath, meditation Yoga Vajra &, fitness for health and functional pain.


Tiffany Nollenberger L.AC

Joining Tiffany, a licensed acupuncturist and massage therapist, every Thursday morning for treatment of your well-being. Each session will be uniquely designed to meet your personal needs. Utilizing a combination of needles, touch, herbal remedies and lifestyle recommendations, it will help you feel more alive and well in your body. Tiffany has become part of the community of the village of Yoga from scratch. She is passionate about life in health, happiness and harmony. With every treatment she will try to help you get your ultimate well.

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