What Everyone Must Know About Resort Canyon Salt Lake City

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The Canyons Ski Resort is one of three mountain resorts in Park City Utah. Canyons salt lake city is a super mega-resort and a fabulous all-rounder with nine mountain peaks, loads and loads of varied terrain, great lift infrastructure, and of course the fabulous snow that Utah is famous for.

Canyons salt lake city Resort Utah has been known under plenty of other guises in former years such as “Park City West”, “Park West” and “The Canyons”. And resort upgrades occur much more frequently than name changes, such that the Canyons Ski Resort has undergone amazing transformation over recent decades with nearly every lift, building and amenity replaced or improved. And now that the Canyons salt lake city Resort has been acquired by Vail Resorts, the development will definitely continue.

What Everyone Must Know About Resort Canyon Salt Lake City

Resort Salt Lake City

For the 2015-16 season, Park City Mountain Resort and Canyons will be interconnected via a new gondola, smashing the resorts to uber status as the largest in the USA. The combined areas will be called Park City Mountain Resort, but the Canyons zone will be called “Canyons at Park City”. Yet another new name as part of its ongoing reinvention!

Canyons at Park City Ski and Snowboard Terrain
The Canyons Ski Resort side is rather large in its own right with 182 trails and 4,000 acres (1,619 hectares) of skiable terrai. Canyons’ claim to fame is that they are the largest Utah ski resort. The only problem is that Powder Mountain also claims to be the biggest with 4,700 acres (1,900 ha) of inbounds terrain, and it all comes down to whether bus serviced terrain should be counted in the statistic. Of course when you look at the combined Canyons and Park City ski area of 7,300 (2,954ha) acres, it blows any debate right out of the water!

Things you didn’t know about Salt Lake City

There are more non-Mormons than Mormons.

Sorry to crush your vision of what Salt Lake City is ‘supposed’ to be like, but the Mormon majority is a thing of the past in the city, with the rest of the county not far behind. The non-Mormon population has been on a steady rise for the last decade, and despite the fact that this is the headquarters of the religion, not everyone you’ll meet here will be Mormon.

There are more bars than you think…118 more.

Contrary to popular belief, you can buy a drink in Utah. Walk into any of Salt Lake City’s 118 bars and you’ll see that this city’s fully equipped to serve you a drink the good stuff too, not just that 3.2 beer you’ve heard horror stories about.

It’s one of the most accessible ski destinations in the world.

I can’t see how the SLC airport could be any more convenient for a quick ski or snowboard trip, short of it being located in the actual parking lot of one of the 14 nearby resorts.

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